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15 Ways to Manage your Solid Waste

Solid waste should be managed properly. It could be recycled and even converted into money. Environmental problems would be lessened through proper waste management. People should have discipline in disposing garbage in the right place.
            The following are 15 ways to meaningfully manage your solid maste:

1. Do not burn your waste materials; instead make a hole to put your garbage.

10 Remarkable Facts About Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, the legendary naturalist, may have reformed modern science. Popular as he may be, many details of his life however have been hard to understand over the time.
The following are some remarkable (and weird) facts about his life:

1. Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who changed the way humans viewed themselves and the world around them through his amazing (but highly debatable) ideas on evolution and natural selection. (biography.com)

2. Darwin became a member of the "Gourmet Club," a group which met once a week to eat animals not usually included in menus, such as hawk and bittern. His appetite for weird food, nonetheless, broke down when he tried an old brown owl, which he found "indescribable.”(mnn.com)

Climate Change: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Climate Change: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
On Global Warming and Climate Change
Climate change is “a change in the statistical properties of the climate system when considered over long periods of time, regardless of cause” (“Climate change,” n.d.). Using this definition, climate variations over periods shorter than a few decades, like El Niño, do not exemplify climate change.

The term is often used to particularly denote the climate change caused by human activity, as opposed to environmental changes caused by Earth’s natural processes. In this sense, the term climate change has become synonymous with anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming. To differentiate the two related concepts, global warming refers to surface temperature increases, whereas climate change comprises global warming and everything else affected by rising greenhouse gas levels.

Taken together, global warming and climate change refer to “measurable increases in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses” (Mastrandrea, 2009). The Earth is observed to be undergoing a period of rapid warming fundamentally caused by increasing levels of heat-trapping gases, called greenhouse gases, in the atmosphere.

The greenhouse gases and greenhouse effect
The sun provides the energy that lights and warms the earth. The sun’s short-wave radiation enters the atmosphere and is absorbed by the earth’s surface. In turn, the earth’s surface releases to space some of this heat as long-wave infrared radiation. However, a fraction of this long-wave infrared radiation remains trapped in earth’s atmosphere, soaked up by some atmospheric gases. “Absorbing and reflecting heat radiated by Earth, these gases act somewhat like the glass in a greenhouse, and are thus known as greenhouse gases” (Schneider, 2009).
The greenhouse effect refers to the process through which the greenhouse gases retain the radiant energy or heat provided to Earth by the Sun. All life on earth depends on this greenhouse effect, for without it, the earth would be too cold, about -18°C (0°F), and ice would cover the whole planet.

january exercise

grade 7-science 3rd quarter

shjcs grade 9 science 2015

grade 9 science

grade 9 science

by rebecca h. dumlao

Achievement Test Reviewer in Physics

This Physics UPCAT Reviewer includes 20 items of questions focussing on Horizontal Motion and graphical information.


Science NAT Reviewer Grade 6

Science NAT  Reviewer Grade 6
by: Alicia P. Trinidad
This e-learning reviewer is for Grade 6 students.  The items in this reviewer which is for Science are based on the Learning Competencies in Science. The problems and questions were carefully selected by the creator to provide the examinees a glimpse of the actual  National Achievement Test. Goodluck!!! 
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