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OurHappySchool (OHS) is a FREE Online Magazine and ALTERNATIVE Academic Blogsite that is viewed repeatedly by scores of people who seek for knowledge, entertainment, and helpful information (pls. see the Alexa analytics in the images).
People from all walks of life, especially those who wish to learn various things, visit for its tasty articles, NAT and college entrance exam reviewers, lessons in life, interesting information, readings in many subjects, educators' fascinating lectures, contributors' unconventional literary pieces, amusing e-learning apps, videos, academic notes, and the like.
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1. OurHappySchool has sure viewers who could see your AD. 
          Students (and parents) use teachers' lectures or modules published here. People also use the online NAT and UPCAT reviewers in this site. Moreover, many textbooks direct readers to lectures in this site as further readings or online activities.
2. WHEN PEOPLE are intellectually convinced of what you are advertising, chances are they would patronize it. Since OHS is an academic blogsite, the articles or features it posts are practically seen by viewers as somewhat scholarly produced.    

3. As OHS publishes interesting blogs about almost all possible topics, you can advertise almost everything here.

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