How To Use OurHappySchool in Teaching

HELLO OUR BELOVED professors and teachers!
          With OurHappySchool, you can make your teaching style innovative and modern, and become an educator who uses e-learning and blended learning!
          The following are various ways you can make use of this site (and its Facebook accounts and fan page) in teaching, free of charge:
1. This site has lectures/articles that are related to the subject you are teaching. For instance, if you are teaching MATH, there is a helpful article here entitled "7 Tips to Learn to Love Mathematics".
          So you may write on the class board (as students' assignment perhaps) the following (you may copy this template):
          "ASSIGNMENT: Go online to Through its search engine (upper right section), enter the word 'Mathematics' (or any subject). Among the search results, choose an article that is most relevant to our subject. Read it. Make a 1-paragraph summary or reaction paper on what you learned in the article. Submit it next meeting"
          Note that e-learning assignments like this encourage students to use internet for good purposes. (You are free to modify the template. You may add, for instance: "Print the article you've chosen and bring it to class".)
 2. Try looking for an interesting lecture through our search engine (upper right section). If you’re teaching Philosophy or History, for instance, you may want to enter, say, ‘Confucius’.
          You may jot down the title of the article you’ve chosen among the search results (e.g. “15 Unpopular but Interesting Information about Confucius”). Using a computer and projector, you may open the lecture during class and discuss it with your students.
          Note that it’s like having free power point presentations that are always available online. (Whatever subject you are teaching, you may want to share/discuss the articles under the subject ‘Life Lessons’ like “The 20 D’s of a Happy Living”)
3. Regardless of the subject you’re teaching, you may want your students to be aware of the current social issues. So you may give the following as your students’ activity (you may copy this template):
          “ASSIGNMENT: Go online to Click the subject ‘Debate’ (left section). Choose one among the debate topics (e.g. Divorce Bill, Same-sex marriage, Abolition of SK, Death Penalty, etc.) Read the comments of other students. Defend your stand by posting a message and courteously commenting on others’ remarks. Print your posted comments and submit it next meeting.”
          Note that this activity also promotes the development of students’ critical and analytical thinking in a ‘technological’ way.
4. Your students can start a friendly online discussion using For example, a student could sponsor a discussion like “What should one do to easily move on after a break up? Why?”
          This is fun and already being done by other teachers and students. To do this, you may write the following on the class board:
          “ASSIGNMENT: Go online to Through its search engine, look for the entry "HOW TO START A COOL DISCUSSION IN". Read and follow all instructions. Have fun!”
          Note that this activity allows knowing the opinions of people from other cultures, encourages social (online) interaction, and develops logical thinking. (Students may be given a whole month to complete this activity.)
5. If you already have a published lecture here, this is what you may give as an assignment to your students:
          "ASSIGNMENT: Go online to In its search engine (upper right section), look for the lecture “(the title of your published lecture)”. Read the lecture. In the comment section below the lecture, write a comment on what you’ve learned in the lecture. Print your posted comment and submit it next meeting.”
For educators who wish to publish lectures/articles here (free of charge), please read this guideline: Posting Lectures Here
          There are other various ways an educator could use this site in teaching. Feel free to use this in imparting knowledge, values, and wisdom to our beloved students.
          Always remember, OurHappySchool is YOUR school! 
(*If you are a student, you may want to 'tag' it to your teachers. And if you are an educator, you may want to share it to your colleagues. Thanks!)

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