RESOLVED: Perfect world is a perfect bore

THE SECTION NAMED “PRELUDE” of the best-seller book Life 101 asks the intriguing question, “What if life were perfect?” Intriguingly enough, the authors surmise the most probable scenarios should we live in a perfect world:

            “What if you live in a perfect world of perfect people and perfect possessions, with everyone and everything doing the perfect thing at the perfect time?

            What if you had everything you wanted, and only what you wanted, exactly as you wanted, precisely when you wanted it?

            What if, after luxuriating in this perfect world for the perfect length of time, you started feeling uneasy about the predictability of the perfection?

            What if, after a perfect length of additional time, you began thinking, “There seems to be a lack of risk, adventure and fun in the perfection. ‘Having it my way’ all the time is starting to get dull… ”

            What if, at that point in your perfect world, you noticed for the first time a button marked, “Surprise.”

            What if you walked over, considered all that might be contained in the concept of “surprise,” decided, “Anything’s better than perfect boredom,” took a deep breath, pushed the button…”

            The authors may be driving at a different point in writing these “what if” sentences, but surely the “Prelude” part of their book can be taken by some as proof in arguing that the world we have is actually the “best possible world” for now.

            So, is perfect world a perfect bore? Is what we have not the “best possible world” for now?


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This is a good argument. Our world now is the best possible world because here in this imperfect world, we can experience things that makes us learn and express different emotions that makes our life more exciting and more wonderful.

Obviously, the article wants to persuade the readers to appreciate the world where they belong, it serves somehow as encouragement for those in vain. For me, given a chance to choose a world,without any hypocrisy, i will choose the perfect one, because with all the problems and trials in this world,there's nothing to wish for but to be in a flawless world.

The article gives an instance about perfection in this real world, if everything is perfect, will it give you boredom? Some might say that "yes" it is boring if everything in this world is perfect; no problems, no challenges, no imperfections. But I beg to disagree, for me, if life is perfect, if this world does not have any mark of imperfections, how come that you'll be bored or experience any feeling of boredom?

Human being has unlimited wants and needs. When he wasn’t able to get what he wants, he would complain about it and when he gets it he would ask more for it. There is no best possible world, whether our world is perfect or imperfect, since human being, in nature, doesn’t possess the sense of satisfaction or gratification in life.

We all wanted to live in a perfect world where in everything and every moments in our lives are perfect. If everything is perfect, life would be such a waste because a person's life would only be worth if he learns from his mistakes.

In a perfect world how can life be such a waste? in the first place, it is perfect, so there is no room for problems and mistakes,practically speaking, in a perfect world, you don't have to learn from your mistakes anymore (if there are any) and going back to the issue, in a perfect world,the word "bore" probably doesn't exist anymore :)

God created this world to be imperfect so that we can experience all the feelings in this life such as happiness, pain, etc. and also boredom.If this word is so perfect, we will not get bored because we can get everything we want and we can not be able to feel other feelings except happiness.

In my perspective, I don't think that perfect world can co-exist with different and various people. It would never be possible since individuals have their very own picture/perspective of perfect world/life base on their own desires, wishes and fantasies and it’s absurd to happen with every one of us coinciding with each other. I would still prefer the world I have right now. It is the world which our God created, there is happiness and pain, suffering and compassion, good and bad things, despair and faith, exciting and unpredictable events, life and death etc. which makes me appreciate and realize the works of God and this life I have is worth living. If I ever dreamed of a better place, it would be the Heaven where there is only peace, love, hope, faith and eternal life with our God. QA: Generally speaking, living in this life, do you prefer a simple, content and well spent life with God or a well-pleasured life with materialistic and earthly things?

This in response to question of Owen Obiedo. I would take the first choice. I do believe that we are not meant for this world and its just for temporary which our God has prepared us a better place which is the heaven and I do know that its absolutely much worth it to live a life in a simple yet unwealthy status, content with no abundant resources and a well-spent living without regrets for I know that our God awaits me to be with Him eternally in heaven.

This is in response to question of Owen. The best choice will be the first one. For me, the measure of how a person successfully spent his life to the fullest does not depend on the achievements and material/earthly stuffs he have acquired, it’s about the good and right things he have accomplished for the will of God and how he have purposely and selflessly gave his life to God.

This is my answer to question of Owen Obiedo. Obviously, I will choose the first choice. Humans are not capable of having sense of satisfaction and gratification in terms of materialistic life and will always have the urge to wanting more and more, but, if a person chooses to separate himself with the temptation/offer of this world, he will find himself a peace and contentment. Instead of living a life craving for physical pleasures, what we have to do is delight in our God’s plans and we will realize and appreciate that He alone is enough for us to live in this world.

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