KIMBERLY BALTAZAR, the contributor, is from a university in Manila, Philippines who hopes this poem she wrote 3 years ago would be published here at www.OurHappySchool.com. (You, too, can have your articles published here. Send them through e-mail to OurHappySchool@yahoo.com)

I WISH, I WISH upon a star
Let not thy admirer fail
For my desire is kind of rare
More than in an ocean can a ship ever sail
More than can Poseidon ever see
The oceans of desire deep within me.

Cupid, Oh, Cupid! How I hate you
Reveal yourself, oh monstrous creature
Gruesome as you are I hate myself too
For the pain you've cost me, Oh dear! It's true--
True wounds from thy arrow beloved
My heart bled, my anguish still haven't ended

So for the brightest star in the night I see
Thy admirer's wish be--
Granted in the face of the night and
Depth of the ocean and land
Hath not my heart bleed anymore
For my soul cries aloud--NEVERMORE!

Never to let anyone penetrate my heart
Oh dear! This is not a farce
From the underworld I say in Hades
And before him I shall promise
This shall not be an end but a start
For me not to die with a broken heart

Oh, my star shining in the night
If thou shall not permit my will
Then let my lover shine in light
Insist I might still--
fantasize a ferocious fantasy
of a lover in his great legacy

May his eyes be as blue as the ocean
So deep, so cool, so refreshing
Whose stare to my soul is reaching
Saying things words can never say
Thou shall see that in his eyes lay
The truth behind all lies when the world is astray

May his hair be as black as the night
Smooth, fragrant and caressing
Shining like the stars and the moon so bright
Whose very existence is a blessing
A man who in the darkness of his hair
Will truly love this maiden fair

By all means my lover does possess
Lips most cherry red from the rest
Height as tall as a tree
Cheeks in color brings blight to thee
Fairly shaped body anyone will fear
Yet will always tell me--I am forever here

Oh, and thou shall not forget
Thou shall be kind and with respect
For in these standards I shall bet
No man would possess and would ever be existent
So brightest star in the night I see
Thy admirer's wish shall granted be

For with this tiny spell I cast
Make my desire work to last
Make romantic love be non-entity for me
For I will forever be burdened you'll see
In my soul this will spark
Then I won't die with a broken heart.

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