I'm stuck


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LIKE FIREFLIES playing in the cold dark night, lights flashed before my eyes. As I looked up the heavens, the stars glowed as if telling me something that words could not express. But I understood the message it gave me, in the same way I did not.

I felt something my body and soul have craved for for so long. It felt like being washed with fresh water running over my head, it was refreshing like being reborn. On that moment I knew, I was in love.

I wanted to let her see the beauty that night possessed. I wanted her to see it the way I saw it, or better. I wanted her to feel the same feeling my heart was touched with or let she herself discover the forces behind it. Maybe, I just wanted that night to happen with her by my side. It might be a normal one for her but that would be one night my heart would always want to live in.

That night happened so fast yet so slow at the same time. It gave me a perpetual memory worth reminiscing. That night, I don't know but the clock seemed to tick slower, slower and slower. When I think of her, it is like life for me is in slow motion. When I think of her, things around me happen so fast I could not keep up with it blurring images around me and lights and colors mix in a blink-by-blink fashion. At the same time, things in my mind take on with its normal pace bit by bit, second after every second, going deep in a steady grain-by-grain manner like that of an hourglass.

When I think of her, I'm sucked in a totally foreign land not knowing what to do next. When I think of her, I begin to learn to love myself and hate it at the same time. When I think of her, I learn to be someone I never knew I could be. When I think of her, I've never believed this before, but it was like magic…

Then, I felt the need to open my eyes. Right there and then I realize, I'm stuck, because even if I knew deep down that I have to take off the blindfold and open my eyes, I preferred to keep them shut trembling in so much fear and pain, as if crying, with fists clenched in fear of letting go, because when I leave my thoughts, she is never mine and it hurts, it hurts.


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MARK ANTHONY ASINAS, the contributor, is from UP-Diliman. He normally does most of his articles very late at night or even up to early mornings. For a guy, he is quite emotional and tends to think things over very deeply. Mark is a DOTA addict and hates calculus with a burning passion.



loving with someone is how you express your feeling to her/him. the author express how he feels with her loved one but he compare it to the fireflies,to the stars and night sky..i wonder, where did the author get that picture of the children in their artwork? because i know that picture from our locale,and thats the SKP (summer kindergarten program).

Still, love is love, no matter how sweet or painful it is, as long as you feel it. You are stuck from that feeling and sometimes, it really takes time to get you out of it.

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