SHE SITS COMFORTABLY in her pink kiddie chair

Energetic mood exudes her cute and glowing face

Noisily exploring her Barbie dolls, wooden toys and kinder books

Now it hits me that she’s almost turning five in 3 weeks…

All I could think of is how to make her pleased.

My day is imperfect without her

Inquisitive and irritating sometimes she may be

Cheesecake with sticky blue berries –she is for me

As I do my overwhelming chores I think about

How can I make her birthday a blast?

Money I cannot surely give her

As I am just a humble homemaker

Now it hits me what’s the best thing for her

Earnestly ask dear Father in a simple prayer

Be kind to my daughter and give her good life

Overpower her with unwavering love and care

God, kindly grant all of these for my loving daughter.


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