A poem contributed by a psychology graduate in Saint Louis University, Baguio City.  She is a full-time wife to an educator and a mother to a 4-year old girl to whom the poem is dedicated. (You, too, can have your articles published here. Send them through e-mail to OurHappySchool@yahoo.com.)


ONE CHILLY NIGHT in November, one special day
God granted me a gift I can never repay
It was four years ago but I can still remember
Your beautiful face, you were so tender

You are a star in the sky each time you smile
A very innocent child
You are sweet as honey
I feel like I can live without

I watched you as you grow
Waited for you to say your first hello
Now you're changing from head to toe
Your smiles, your giggles make you glow

I admit at times we don’t often see eye to eye
For as a growing child you often pry
But the bond we created from my womb ‘til the day you were born
Will never ever be torn

I can never promise that I’ll be the best mom
But I’ll raise you the best that I can
One last thing for your natal day,
May GOD bless you all the way!


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Saludo po ako sa mga ina na katulad ninyo. The poem uplifts my spirit. I am not yet a mom, pero nais ko pong maging mabuti ring ina pagdating na panahon. Napakaganda po ng tula at mahusay ang pagkakagawa.

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