10 Importance and Applications of Mathematics

Many students usually ask their Math teachers why they need to study the subject. For some, Math may seem like a useless subject that those so-called variables and random numbers serve no immediate purpose to them.
During the 1920s, Algebra and more advanced mathematics were not required in secondary school as they were previously referred to as a “useless subject”. Later, a movement was started to bring more advanced mathematics into the classroom. Today, students take Calculus in some high schools. But the question still remains: Why learn Math?
Humbly answering the question, the following are 10 importance and applications of Mathematics:

1. Mathematics distinguishes us from animals 
One of the things that make us distinct from animals is our ability to think and communicate abstract ideas. One language for doing so is Mathematics.  

2. Sports is enjoyed through Mathematics
Math is important to us who follow sports teams and have favorite athletes. Using Math, we know how many games our team must win in a series in order to advance to the next round, or how many games they can afford to lose in a season before being eliminated from the playoffs. Using Math, we measure the performance of our favorite players like their batting average, points-per-game, or career high.

3. Mathematics teaches measurement
You need and do measurement whether you’re cooking a meal or seeing how much you’ve grown. Learning measurement would not be possible without basic knowledge of Math. Kilos, kilometers, liters, inches, and feet are mathematical units of measurement that are useful in our daily lives.

4. Math develops logic and critical thinking
Inherent in Math is the principle that things have specific logic and order. Math-oriented students apply this philosophy to everyday things. Math subjects like Algebra and Trigonometry teach how to logically arrive at one step from another and to make conclusions. In many ways, Mathematics teaches people how to think and be organized.

5. Finance and budgeting use Math
In shopping for groceries, paying for your children’s tuition, or buying new appliances, you have to know Mathematics. You’ll have to determine how much money you have and how much of it you can spend. In making financial decisions, knowledge of mathematics is necessary.

6. Math is used in interpreting numbers
The ability to interpret numbers is as important as the capacity to read or write. If you are driving on a highway (say Commonwelth Avenue) at 75 kph, and you see a sign saying that the speed limit is 60 kph, you must be able to realize that you are 15 kph over the speed limit and must slow down accordingly.

7. Mathkeeps your brain in shape
Studies show that Mathematics keeps our brain healthy. It stimulates neural activities and keeps our brain working. This slows down or prevents things like senescence and natural cell aging. Keeping our brain in shape also prevents strokes. Math thus leads to a healthier lifestyle.

8. Math is used in making music
Music production requires a solid knowledge of mathematics. Music’s tempo, pitch, and volume are actually mathematical functions. Tempo is a proportion, pitch is a property of a sound wave, and volume is measured in decibels which are in a logarithmic scale. EDM (Electronic Dance Music), a new genre of music, is totally produced on computers. BPM (Beats-per-minute) is a basic trait that mixing and producing EDM requires. Especially today, making music thus means knowing Math.

9. Math is the language of Physical Sciences
Physical sciences like Physics and Chemistry uses a lot of mathematics. Physics deals with projectiles, waves, circuits, and other topics. The subject is very important in engineering. Chemistry also involves a lot of Mathematics as it works by using formula, equations, and computations.

10. Binary: 0101000001110010011011110110011101110010011000010110
Mathematics is used in computer programming. Computers are the future of almost all aspects of our life. All major businesses and transactions are expected to be computerized sooner or later. But computers cannot function on their own. They are programmed using the principles of Logic and Mathematics such as the logarithms and algorithms. With enough mathematics knowledge, you might even be able to decipher the title of this paragraph.

About the author:
Eric Von P. Valdez, the contributor, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education at the University of Mindanao. He is currently taking Master of Arts in Educational Management at Rizal Technological University. He is teaching Mathematics at Santolan High School, Pasig City. He is a sports enthusiast who loves to play chess, sepak takraw, taekwondo, and swimming.

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